Length: 2.82 (m)

Width: 0.68 (m)

Depth: 0.42 (m)

Weight: 16 (Kg)

Capacity: 110 (Kg)

Material: LLDPE

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"VITALITY" is made of Linear Low Density Polyethylene which is neither too flexible or too stiff. Flexible material is less efficient, but harder to crack. Stiff material creates a more efficient hull, but is more brittle and easier to crack. LLDPE is ideal because it combines stiffness and flexibility. Polyethylene is also very abrasion-resistant, but in the event you scratch or gouge your Kayak, PE is repairable. Please contact us for assistance.

Not only the lovers of sports and adventures but also the relaxation seekers can paddle off with confidence. The stable hull design and comfortable seat allows you to relax while developing your paddling technique.

"VITALITY" is extremely stable even in rough waters for experienced paddlers. Beginners are advised to wear a life jacket. It is normal for any type of kayak to experience a small amount of seepage. Kayaks may take on a few cups while out paddling. If a kayak is taking on more than a small amount of water, check to make sure the drain plug is in, then check the rest of the boat for leaks.

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