The process implemented is Rotational molding. It is a simple low-pressure process suitable for producing complex hollow plastic items. Molds equipped are made of steel or cast aluminum at relatively low cost compared to other plastic forming processes. Cycle times are relatively long.


Rotational molding process consists of four Stages:

1. Loading

The mold is charged with predetermined quantity of colored polymer in powder form and assembled.

2. Heating

The next step is heating the charged mold at high temperature while rotating in two axes, at low speeds, giving the powder enough time to adhere on the mold's inner surface. After the whole amount of the material is formed to the product shape the heating is completed. The temperature of the oven, the speeds of rotation and heating time are the main parameters of the heating stage.

3. Cooling

Controlled cooling is then applied to the rotating mold until the melted polymer solidifies sufficiently to retain the mold's shape. The rate of cooling has direct effect on product's quality.

4. Unloading

The mold is opened and the plastic component is removed.

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