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VITA PLAST, the plastics manufacturing division of VITA CYPRUS LTD, is currently producing and selling under license from Telcom Spa (Italy) several lines of pots (both modern and “classic” designs) and is also producing several other pots of its own design, details of which are shown below.

The pots can be produced in different colours, taking into account the preferences of our customers.


Island Garden Creations

The round shaped island plastic pond frame comes essentially in two sizes, the smaller and the larger size, with the former produced-cut at two different heights. All of them come in one standard colour (green).

Island GC S1 (Small size – L: 116 cm ; H: 24 cm )
Island GC S1 (Small size – L: 116 cm ; H: 28 cm )
Island GC L1 (Large size – L: 179 cm ; H: 33 cm )

The plastic pond frame is intended for placement into the ground provided its surrounding area is suitably prepared (for example, concreted). This is necessary protection for the plastic wall periphery.

Vita Construction (Cyprus) completed its first construction project in 2009, the residential complex SmartHome® at Tseri, Nicosia (comprises 7 detached houses) using “smart” manufacturing methods and ensuring

significant energy efficiency. The second SmartHome® project, Vita Court 2 a residential block comprises 6 luxury flats at Palouriotissa, Nicosia) continue reading...