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New generation material used in plastic tanks for fuel storage

The plastic tanks that VITAPLAST produces specifically for storing fuel (diesel or kerosene) have product codes with the suffix “-D” and are manufactured using new generation raw material, the metallocene PE resin. These tanks are superior to other plastic tanks that have been produced using a different raw material as follows:

The walls of the VITAPLAST tank display much lower permeability to fuel compared to other tanks
The fuel can penetrate the ordinary polyethylene-based plastic to a degree that exceeds the maximum allowed absorption limit set by the relevant standard. With the use of the new generation metallocene PE resin, however, the absorption into the walls of the plastic tank can be reduced substantially bringing it within the allowed limit.
The walls of the VITAPLAST tanks for fuel storage can withstand more stress and are less likely to display any warpage over time (creep) than other tanks
The fuel penetration will, over time, destroy the natural properties of the ordinary polyethylene resin and this will cause the plastic tank to warp. By using new generation metallocene PE resin, however, there is significantly lower permeability to fuel and the impact of fuel penetration on the natural properties displayed by the raw material will therefore be much less.
Greater tensile strength at yield (impact resistance)
The use of new generation metallocene PE resin ensures that the finished product will have greater tensile strength (impact resistance) than other tanks and this gives added protection in case of accidents-collisions that could take place during the transport and installation of the tank.

Higher degree fire resistance
The use of new generation metallocene PE resin increases the fire resistance-tolerance level of the fuel tank.

The fuel tanks are produced by following well designed procedures under the quality system EN ISO 9001:2000 than help to ensure the desired quality features of the products which satisfy the requirements of the standard CYS EN 13341:2005 in relation to the thermoplastic static tanks for the storage of heating fuels.

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